Workers’ Compensation for Occupational Disease

Workers’ compensation plans are designed to help injured workers manage the financial burden that costly medical treatment and the loss of income from time spent away from work can pose following a workplace injury. These plans act as an agreement between a company and its employees, giving those who are at risk of injury an assurance that they will be cared for if an accident should occur while protecting companies against costly lawsuits as the result of a workplace accident.

 Occupational Medical ConditionsMost people are aware that they can receive workers’ compensation benefits if they are involved in an accident at work. However, far fewer understand that they can also receive workers’ compensation benefits for illnesses or medical conditions (PDF) that they may have developed as a result of their working conditions. These illnesses can be just as difficult to recover from as a serious injury, and therefore workers who fall ill because of working conditions need financial assistance just as much.

Unfortunately, because of the difficulty in proving that an illness was caused by occupational factors, many of those suffering from a medical condition because of their job are unfairly denied the benefits that they need. In this position, it may be necessary to pursue the assistance of a workers’ compensation attorney to resolve the situation. Every qualified workers’ compensation lawyer knows the specific requirements of the law in the states in which they operate, and are experienced in fighting large insurance companies in a way that an individual worker may not be.

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