Falls among the Elderly

Slipping and falling can be a traumatic and devastating event. This is especially true when the slip happens due to someone else’s negligence. For the elderly or people with impairments a fall can add to their discomfort and in many cases can be a life altering experience. A fall does not just cause damage to the physical well being of a person, but also causes psychological damage connected to one of the fundamental functions of human existence, walking.

Approximately one in every ten emergency room visits is a result of falls, the majority of these among the elderly. Falls can cause serious damage, some of which are:

  • Fractures: Fractures are very common among people who fall, ranging from broken fingers to a broken pelvis or hip bone. A fractured femur is a prime example of a serious injury that can occur when a person falls. Head fractures are also relatively common because of the tendency to hit ones head when falling to the floor.
  • Head Injuries: When a person falls and hits their head on the floor they can seriously injure their brain and skull. These injuries can include skull fractures, haematoma-which is also called internal bleeding of the brain, soft tissue injuries, and long term damage to the brain due to bruising.

While these are direct injuries, as a result of the fall itself, there are also a number of other consequences that are not as quickly visible but can be just as painful.

Some psychological damages from a fall can leave victims withdrawn from their normal social activities. This leads to social isolation and a feeling of immense loneliness.

Nobody should have to suffer alone, and all victims are entitled to fair compensation which can allow them to seek the treatment they deserve. Regardless of the treatment being physical or mental, psychological or physiological a good attorney can stand up for the rights of the victim and hold responsible the negligent party involved.

David Resnick & Associates, PC is a slip and fall injury law firm located in New York City.

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